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    The eggs at Farm Sanctuary.

    When I see normal supermarket eggs, I see the suffering of the hens who laid those eggs.  I know that her beak was docked and that she likely wasn’t able to spread her wings her whole life.  The uniformity of normal eggs symbolizes to me the industrialization of animal agriculture and all the destruction that has resulted.

    I like the eggs at Farm Sanctuary.  Tiny chickens lay tiny eggs and geese lay huge eggs.  There are a variety of colors.  Some are really smooth and some are rough.

    Every day we collect all the eggs on the farm, hard boil them, and then feed them back to all the layer hens the next day.  Birds that are bred to produce an unnatural amount of eggs lose a lot of nutrition through their eggs, particularly the calcium that comes out in the shells.

    I like the eggs at Farm Sanctuary because they represent a better relationship between humans and non human animals.  I think that humans should care for the animals, not exploit them- particularly chickens, who have such fragile health.

    It is all too often I have had to recommend feeding the eggs back to the chickens to people who approach me with the following question: “I keep chickens as pets, and they lay eggs. Why is it wrong for me to eat them? I treat my chickens so nice! Can’t I still call myself vegan?”

    The problem is that you’re denying your chicken companion nutrients that specifically cater to the nutritional needs of their species. The fatty interior of an egg has a natural purpose, and that’s to feed a growing chick if the hen is to become inseminated. 

    Like veganeurotica mentioned above, hens do lose nutrients in the production of eggs, and it is particularly damaging to those who are bred for exploitation of their natural bodily functions. I don’t want to get too emotional here, but the first time I saw the image of a chicken from a “free range” farm, I was absolutely devastated. Hens are easily damaged creatures, with complex social relationships and a range of emotions not often explored by media or other representations of farm animals.

    When I was little, I thought all chickens were mean, peck-the-hell-out-of-you spawns of Satan. That’s because every “petting zoo” and farm I’d visited kept their chickens in horrible conditions that I didn’t understand and paid no attention to. Hens were shoved this way and that, given no proper nutrition, and no attention. Hens can be rather sweet, but not when they’ve been put through hell and back.

    So yes, if you keep hens as pets, please do not think it your given right to eat their eggs. Be a hen friend and give them some proper munchies. 

    I. Had. No. Idea. That you should feed them their own eggs back. Is this all hens or just factory farm rescued hens? A little unclear.

    Good question, I apologize for being unclear. You can feed eggs to both rescued hens and hens who have never experienced factory exploitation. Rescued hens would just likely benefit from proper nutrients more seeing as they are probably going to be malnourished from the strain of factory demand. All hens can be fed their eggs and will benefit regardless of their history.

    The chickens i have lay the medium sized egg in the middle

    Its quite odd, we had chickens, we didn’t eat egg much, they just kinda went into the box and sat there until my mum made a cake or cupcakes, until we found out they should eat them themselves. Then we had to get rid of them as we didn’t have time to look after them, then we wanted to eat eggs more, and had to buy them. We honestly didn’t like that idea and instantly got chickens again just to have our own eggs, from our own chickens, that we fed ourselves and knew what happened to them, where they’d been, what they’d been fed. The eggs just taste better.

    I’m not Vegan or even Vegetarian by the way, just don’t see why they can’t be treat humanely 

    ^One question would be where did the chickens kept for eggs come from?  Many people get them from hatcheries that ship hatched chicks in the mail.  They always send twice as many as you order because they know half will die in the mail.  Additionally, these hatcheries kill male chicks when they are hatched, by grinding them, suffocating them, electrocuting them, or just leaving them in a pile to starve.

    Not all chicks come from these hatcheries, but it’s a common source for backyard hens.

    Another problem with keeping chickens for eggs is that sometimes a rooster chick will accidentally be sold as a hen.  When the chick grows up and turns out to be a rooster, people have a problem on their hand and the rooster suffers because a) the human has no use or value for the rooster and doesn’t want to take care of him and b) many zoning laws prohibit keeping a rooster because they’re so loud.  This creates a surprisingly large amount of unwanted roosters with no place to go.

    There are more problems with keeping chickens for eggs, or for getting your eggs from your neighbors who keep chickens for eggs.  Many people slaughter the chickens when they are three because they start producing less eggs.  Many people don’t know how to properly care for a chicken.  As I said before, their health is very fragile.

    However, the most important point for me is that it is wrong to have any sentient being alive for the sole purpose of your enjoyment.  You wouldn’t do that to a human- exploit their body until it’s no longer producing what you desire and then kill them.  You wouldn’t like it if that was your life.  If you agree with me that animals deserve to have equal consideration given to their desires as humans, then you’d see keeping chicken for eggs as a form of slavery.  And with perfectly tasty, healthier alternatives, I see no reason to take part in this.

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