1. My grandmother,

    throughout my mother’s childhood, told her “honey, if only you would just lose a few pounds, you would be such a beautiful girl.”

    My mother is the most wonderful, caring, considerate, open, helpful, intelligent, hard working, beautiful person I know.  She didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

    Throughout my chubby childhood, my grandmother did a similar thing to me, though to a lesser degree.  Now that I’m skinny, she tells me she’s afraid I’m sick.  Tonight she asked me if I had had my blood tested recently.

    No, grandma, I’m strong, healthy, and in control.

    It sucks, because she won’t be around for much longer.  I want to spend time with her and have memories of her, but I find her so hard to be around.  She’s difficult to actually have a conversation with, because I don’t feel like she listens to me, and she makes me feel bad about myself.

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