1. I’m taking a break from tumblr starting now.  It consumes too much time and makes my head explode.

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  3. Cows don’t know how to spell.

    Cows don’t know how to spell.

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  4. How we bleed her to take the last drop of milk from her, how we starve her to emaciation, how we ill-treat the calves, how we deprive them of their portion of milk, how cruelly we treat the oxen, how we castrate them, how we beat them, how we overload them. If they had speech, they would bear witness to our crimes against them which would stagger the world.
    – Mahatma Gandhi

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  5. God is vegan, amen.
    – Shelly Williams, in this fabulous video.

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  6. Social justice bloggers who shit on vegans frustrate me.

    Vegan bloggers who aren’t sensitive to issues of race and class frustrate me.

    Tumblr frustrates me.

    Tumblr, y u so frustrating?

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  7. Ok Mike, I gotta hand it to ya, that’s pretty clever.

    Ok Mike, I gotta hand it to ya, that’s pretty clever.

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  8. O Seitan, give me strength to tolerate my carnistic family.  In Your wisdom, help me to be patient and kind.  Though I may find their actions inconsistent with their values, and I may find what they put in their mouths disgusting, Your spirit will guide me to maintain my highest level of maturity and poise.  O almighty Seitan, with you as my shepherd, I will remember that my family loves me and cares for me, despite their oppressive and destructive ways.

    In Seitan name, amen.

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  9. cherryspie:


    At lunch, someone asked me if the bowl of cereal they were eating was healthy.  I said “do you really want to know what I think?”  They said “ya.”

    I said:

    -Milk contains fat and cholesterol that our bodies don’t need.

    -Lactose, the sugar in milk, is a simple carbohydrate, so it’s not so different from drinking soda.

    -The proteins in milk have been shown to promote cancer at every stage.

    And that was that.

    A lot of foods contain fat and cholesterol, and sugars, carbs, and other shit, our bodies “don’t” need. Either way, everything you consume is energy. If you eat that bowl of cereal and decide to sit on the couch the rest of the day, you are not burning off that energy and over time it will have negative effects on your body. If you excercise, however, the cholesterol, the sugars (even if it is lactose, it’s better than simple sugars found in sodas, junk food, candy, etc.), the fat (that your body needs to feel satisfied) will turn into energy to help your body be healthy. The funny thing is that calcium found in milk, as studies have suggested, can help lower the risk of colon cancer, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as well as ease premenstrual syndrome. ( you can also find this calcium in dark, leafy greens, calcium fortified orange juice, and tofu).

    Milk also has vitamin D in it, which most people now-a-days have a deficiency of, which, teamed with Calcium, helps build and maintain bones, while also helping to protect against cancer, diabetes, heart attack, AND boost immunity. Lucky thing milk has both of these vitamins and minerals!

    And before someone chimes in about pills… It is suggested that you should choose real foods over pills. You’ll get the whole range of disease-fighting phytochemicals (beneficial substances in plants; researchers have identified thousands - and are still counting) and other nutrients, plus fiber, in whole foods.

    Milk also has Choline in it. Research suggests that a choline-rich diet may protect against birth defects and promote fetal and infant brain developement. Also, they recently found that women with the highest choline intake reduced their risk of breast cancer by 24%!

    (I gotta source all this stuff from the wellness guide from consuner reports, lol)

    So. I think milk isn’t such a bad thing as long as you use it to fuel your body properly, as with all foods.




    No, milk is a bad thing.

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  10. you left out the pus, blood, and naturally occurring hormones (as it is from a pregnant animal)


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